Take the worry out of


Timekeeping and Employee File Management must have!

  • Record and print timecards, calculate projects and benefit hours, and also maintain complete employee files.
  • Because they are accountable for accurate punches, employees become more sensitive to time management.
  • Convenient desktop application that's easy for any level of end user to maneuver

Important Tool for Management, Accounting, and HR!

  • Automatically track work, sick, vacation and holiday times. Even calculate projected vacation or sick time available at a future date!
  • Accurately store wage information, deductions and net pay for each employee.
  • Manage start dates, probation periods, anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Print timecards for any date range.
  • Keep confidential information under lock and key with multiple levels of customizable security.

With four levels of eTimeClock available, we are sure to provide optimal solutions for most all businesses. Check them out!

Feature LiteBasicPlusPro
Track Attendance
Track Sick and Vacation time as well as Projects
Calculate and Accrue Hours and Net Pay
Automatically calculated deductions
Secure Punch-In & Punch-Out
Management alerts of punch changes
Network time synchronization
Timecard reports
Secure Personnel Files
Password protected Security
Employee Notes
Timer and Alarm Clock
Export Reports
Automatic Alerts
Job Cost calculator
Bulletin Board
Message Center
Network Expandable
10 Employee Capacity
25 Employee Capacity
Expanded Deduction Capabilities
Client Server Design
Payroll Preview
Expanded Personnel Fields
Alert Pop-ups
User Defined Punch Rounding
Diskette ID option
Employee Data Importer
QuickBooks/Quicken Exporter
Automatic Paid Holiday Entries
Exempt payroll ability
50 Employee Capacity
Expanded Personnel Files
Vacation time graphical views
Employee List Creator
Increased Security Levels
Interchangable Clock views
100 Employee Capacity